Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Exposed to art at the age of eight taking a few classes in the basement of a brownstone. Next step was high school were I applied and submitted a portfolio which was handmade out of cardboard and accepted to the High School of Art and Design in NYC. Time was of essence as art would not be my chosen path. Changing schools and paths would bring me to wall street where I spent the next 22 years in various roles. Managing several different types of teams such as Foreign Exchange to logistically moving commodities around the world. In-between those years venturing out on my own to open graphic design business. I uprooted to BP Energy in Houston where I have spent the last 18 years. From Physical Gas Trader, Transport & Operations Manager and currently for the last 6 years, Commercial Training & Development Manager for our Analysts and Traders. Recently, I branched out and let my desire for art be evident. Not that it wasn’t exposed beforehand as I used my creative side in each role that I have been in which has undoubtedly added to my business success. Something to be said about using both right and left brain. I am reinventing myself as a Houston artist. Exploring all mediums including sculpting, abstract art, fabric and even soot (more to come). I currently have a studio at Silver Street which is part Sawyer Yards. Bringing my years of experience into the art world has now become my passion.